ATSSU DIVERS harvest wild Abalone, Sea Urchin and Turban Shell from the sea floor all along the New South Wales Coast. The products are then cleaned and packed in stackable crates and then placed back into the water. The crates are only removed from the water at the end of a days diving.

All Abalone, Sea Urchin and Turban shell are sold live and by doing this the consumer can be assured that the products are the freshest possible. All products are sold directly to wholsalers, restaurants and retail outlets on the day of catch.



The products are caught by divers using common commercial diving techniques including the use of surface supplied air. All divers only take a limited amount of product each year to ensure that all fisheries are not overfished and that consumers receive a regular supply of products. As all products are caught by hand there is no bycatch of any other species unlike other fisheries. This also means that the environmental impact is minimal and that is something that ATSSU DIVERS takes pride in.